Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tritton 0-8 Months Pics! Yeah...I Know it is ABOUT TIME!

The First Few Minutes of My Sweet Little Life...

...To this within just a few days....!

To getting into mischief!

Here are some pictures of Tritton growing up these past few 8+ months!

Few days of being home from PCMC

First Bath @ Home!
Didn't Love it!

These are Tritt..being a poser!!

I LOVED these PJs:
It is a motorcycle with the words
"Future Rebel"

Hanging out with DAD!


FIRST cook out with the Family!

Laying in the laundry basket!
Thanks, Dad!

First time in his Bumbo!

Blessing Day!
What a Handsome Boy!

Scars looking so good!!
(About 4 Months)

With Grandma T!

With Friend Lindsay from Africa!

After church with dad!!

Loved to Roll under the coffee table.

First time sitting up all on his own!

We dressed up as:
Popeye, Olive Oly, and Sweet Pea

Hanging out in Moms and Dads bed!

What a stinker! I turned around for one minute..he could only roll at this point...and when I returned this is what I found!

Our Terrific Friends from PCMC. We went out to Lund, Nv for Treys baby blessing. Trey had 2 surgeries and one more in the next few months.
Trey and Tritt are 5 days apart. The nurses thought they were twins on more than one occasion!

Las Vegas, NV
Shopping @ Town Square at Christmas Time!

At the National Rodeo!
His first of many to come!

Even with all the noise he was a champ and snuggled with dad and went right to sleep!

Sleeping under the bed at Christmas time at Grandma T's House.

My Christmas Candy Cane Kid!
Christmas Eve and TIRED!

Aunt Shi and Uncle Mark made Tritt his darling beenie!

Christmas Day just before Sacrament Meeting!

Grandma's Christmas wreath fell on him while he was tugging on it!!
IT was bound to happen...he was crawling over to it constantly.

Santa brought Tritt a Train that plays songs, teaches him ABCs and counts, he can ride it and eventually push it himself!

Helping Dad open his Birthday Present at the Park!
He was a great helper!

Sorry for the crooked pic!
HE loves the water!!


Tritt is crawling on the floor and in top of everything!

He loves to pull himself to standing position and does this for hours!!

What a SMIRK!

Who would have thought 8 months ago he would be a happy, healthy, developing, and silly little boy!?
  • He has now been crawling for a month. And boy does he go!
  • He loves to pull himself to standing position and now he is beginning to walk himself around the coffee table by holding on to it.
  • He has 8 teeth! All top and bottom 4, now he is working on the bottom "eye tooth"( I don't know the exact name)
  • He loves the bath and play in the water. We will come out more wet than he is.
  • He giggles when Jess acts like he is going to "Get him" and runs at him to tickle him.
  • He LOVES carrots, sweet potatoes, squash, peas, green beans, pears, and bananas.
  • He follows us all over the house and loves to explore when we are not looking!
Tritt is such a JOY in our lives and I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for allowing us to keep him with us while on Earth!
HE is my living miracle!

Thank you to all for your love and continued support!