Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Time. . . .

Leavitt/Merrill 1st Annual Softball Game!!
(THE All-Stars posing for a pic. . .well at least before we played)
Hey Batter, Batter. . .

My thoughts, "Keep your eye on the ball, just keep looking at the ball. . . DON"T MISS!!!!"

Our first EVER attempt at deep frying Turkey-Gobble, Gobble!!

It was delicious-the best turkey yet!!
(Yep. . .that's my husband)

Do ya think we can fit more in the kitchen!!
I kept out of the preparations hysteria. . . . but later became clean up crew, which I will take any day!!

This is your face after a heaping dose of Turkey Dinner. . . .and then some!!

After dinner we all played games, went 4-wheeling, rock crawling in the Jeeps, taught young children how to hunt with a bow. . . .ya it was the usually get together!! :)
Then the big boys had to have their turn!

It was a great Thanksgiving!! It was terrific to see all of Jesse's family again!! Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving time!!