Saturday, March 21, 2009

Detroit Temple--Detroit Pistons--& Snaps

Detroit Michigan Temple
Ty and I in front of the Temple.

This temple is a smaller-working Temple. It shares a parking lot with a stake center and the stake center is a little bigger. But it is Beautiful!!
Front View

Nic & D

Darling Family!!

Tyson talked about cheering on the Pistons the whole day!! He was in cheerleader spirits!!

Nic and I didn't plan on wearing similar clothes. . . . but just as Mom and Mama'D do. . . we both came out with long-sleeve black undershirts and red!! We couldn't believe it. . . . although 7 years apart we are so twin-like!!

Taryn all ready to go. . . . not quite sure what to think about the noise. . . .

Tyson getting frustrated at the Pistons. . . . They were only warming-up!! So Funny!!
(Aunt D is a goof and recorded this sideways sorry all for the kinked neck!)

The Drummers put on a great opening show and did more throughout the night!!
Opening . . . . Awesome!! The fire was so hot we could feel it where we sat (balcony)

Opening Tip Off!!

Tyson is thoroughly thrilled and loving every minute of it!!

(Oops!! Sideways again--sorry)
FREE PIZZA for TYSON!! The cheerleaders were handing out free pizza from Domino's to the loudest fans. Vaughn grabbed Ty and put him in the air about 5 feet and started to wave him around and told Tyson to scream loud!! Needless to say he got the pizza!!
What a Lucky Kid!!

Taryn made it through pretty well until. . . the Pistons made a come back and we were all yelling. It scared her!! Then we found out that when her mom would yell she would fall apart!! So Nic quite cheer leading and kept quiet. Tyson asked why his mom was not cheering every second like him, he is definitely the Pistons #1 Fan!!

Final score. . . . PISTONS WIN!!!
It was a pretty good game. . . .full of energy and drunk fans!! It was great!!
I loved to see Tyson just take it all in. Thanks Vaughn and Nicole for the wonderful evening!!
Here are some SNAPS that I thought were blog-worthy!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All Day Shopping & Painting

Today we went to the coolest mall (Somerset) I have ever seen! I was in heaven!!!
First of all it was so huge that it spread across the highway-2 HUGE malls-and you had to take the sky walk across the highway to get to the other mall.
We shopped hard and both kiddos were tuckered out by the end. Nic held sleeping Taryn and I pushed the big kid in the stroller.

We took a few seconds in our rush to see it all and took a few pictures by a water feature that shot water from the center of the glass squares. Tyson loved it and wanted to climb in. . . . Sure go ahead lil' buddy!

What a stinkin' cutie!! I just love her smile. . . . I can't wait til she is older so we can do gal-weekend getaways!!

Later on (after we all had naps) we decorated our T-shirts that "Larry the Leprechaun" left for Tyson for St. P Day. He had a ball and was VERY creative!! His was a jungle and 'jungle" it was!!
Oh, but it was a Hoot!

Mine. . . pretty normal-not quite as abstract as Ty's

Way to go Nic!

Don't you love this?!?!. . . . He'll be a famous designer someday! HAHA

Final products!! TADA!

Tomorrow MORE Shopping and THE PISTONS GAME!! YAHOO. . . .

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Day Three & Three Hours at the Big Cheese!!

I have heard about going to Chuck E Cheese for two months-ever since I booked my flight to come to Michigan. Tyson loves it and Nic told him that we could go when I came out. . . well today I got my fill.
We left the house this afternoon and went to find a newer Chuck E Cheese. . . it took longer than expected and Tyson was not impressed with the wait.
We arrived and he b-lined it for the door.
It was a struggle to get him to eat his food before we played, but we made it!
Ty loves race car games and we played all of them! I pushed the gas pedal (he wouldn't let me push the brake) and he ran the wheel (with my help!)

He was a little pro at Air-Hockey!
He won all 4 games!! Way to go buddy!!
He thought beating Aunt D was the coolest and he let me know it!

We had 100 + tokens to begin with and we played hard!

We played this game more than once . . . . Arrrrg!!
You can tell that Ty loved it more than me!

We finally got down to our last few tokens-FINALLY. . . . but I spoke to soon and before I knew it we had 100 + more!! Nic's friend, who manages Chuck E Cheese, gave us free tokens and hundreds of tickets. So needless to say we played and played and played, until we had played all the games and rode the rides at least once and some several times. So we got quite acquainted with Chuck E Cheese (three hours of Cheesy Fun!!) HA HA
Nic and I felt like we had been ran over by a semi, but we really loved every minute of it. Tyson was a blast and in his little world all was well!!
Tyson made out like a bandit. 700+ tickets! He came out with a bag full of goodies and toys. Plus Nic's friend hooked him up with more free stuff.
He loved his pirate gear and had to wear it as soon as he got home. What a handsome dude!

This was Taryn this morning in her chair that is just a few sizes to small. What a chunk!! She loves to yell and make funny noises in the morning. What a hoot she is to be around!!

And for the GRAND FINALE. . . . . . Taryn's first tooth is peeking through! YIKES!

She was totally having a melt-down (see above), we all thought she was just hungry or wanted to be held. . . So I held her-Nic feed her. . . . and she was still full of drama. Nic and Vaughn ruled out all other options and finally discovered the bottom tooth and was the cause of all this drama.

Poor thing-it is a good thing that we don't remember stuff like that. . . . I wanted to cry for her!

So day three was great!! We came home played games, chilled with the kiddos and ate dinner. Nic and Vaughn are so great to put up with me for a week. It is so great to see them both and their family. Vaughn has been on a break from his clinical rotations (he is in med school) and it is sure fun to spend time with him as well!! He is a huge tease, but fits into our family perfectly!! I love ya!

Day four tomorrow. . . .SHOPPING!! Its going by too fast!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Patrick's Day-Day Two

Tyson woke up to little footprints and a surprise from Larry the Leprechaun. He decorated his door for good luck and lead Tyson on a treasure hunt!
Tyson followed the little footprints around the house . . . .
And finally found a little stash of prizes for him. He got a fishing pole game, T-shirts and paints to decorate them, couple of water-growing animals, shamrock stickers, and a letter from the leprechaun. He was so excited!! And while he was getting ready I tried to secretly "pick-up" the footprints. . . . well then he noticed and I had to make up some story about the leprechaun not wanting anybody to follow him. . . . he was fine with my explanation. Whew!!On Tuesday mornings Tyson has a little library class that he goes to. It was the cutest place! The library was made out of an old barn (but they have added on to it) and it has a little kiva for the kids to gather for library time with a teacher. They sing songs and read books. Afterward we got to check out library books . . . we came out with 10. Between his mother and I (both educators) we wanted more, but settled for 10. We have already read 6 as of tonight. "Reading a Westwood/Jackson past-time!!'
After library time we went to a market place called Nino's. WOW!! It was all produce and meats! All fresh cut right before your eyes. It was the biggest market I have ever seen - I loved it and they had sample stations there too. Tyson absolutely love that-So did I-needless to say I wasn't too hungry around lunch time.
We went to another park called Kids Kingdom. It was themed like a castle and a lot bigger than Friendship park. We played until Aunt D was tired and wore out. Tyson could have played for hours. He said, "Lets stay for one-thousand 46 minutes!" Yeah OK!

He loved the swings!!

Taryn has this look that Papa Westwood would call it her "Worried Look." I couldn't help resists snapping this picture while she was in her car seat (which by the way she hates to be in).
What a look babe!!
Later we went a store out in the middle of a farm where they have homemade ice cream. It was delicious!! Rich and amazing!! I couldn't eat all of it. The kid size was what I would call normal; it was huge, but I sure made a large dent.
Day two has been great! I love having to spend time with Nic, Vaughn, and the two kiddos. They have the cutest family! Lucky Me!
Stay Tuned. . . .