Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Thankful Heart . . .

What does it truly mean to be thankful. . . . well I don't know, maybe is it a state of mind or action. Whatever it is I am thankful that I have the ability to feel grateful for all the wonderful and sweet things in my life. I feel that I can express myself better through my writing-its my therapy. Especially this time of year when the thoughts of gratefulness become closer to the surface.

I have truly been blessed. I have a wonderful, supporting husband who I love to wake up to every morning. It is like waking to a fairy tale-my treasured fairy tale. Jesse, I love you and really couldn't say it enough. Thank you for keeping me focused and for helping me not sweat the small things in life. Thank you for providing for me and our little family & for supporting my desire to finish school and whatever else I will be apart of some day. It's true when I say you are my better half, my rock, and my lighthouse. I'm glad that you are mine for eternity. Thanks for choosing me!

I have a heavy thank you to say to my families. I have a mom who has relentlessly given me love, support, advice, and has been the kind of friend a daughter craves for. I love you mom. Thank you for being such an example to me. You and dad raised me well. . . I have no doubt that all of my successes in life have stemmed from your belief in me. You are such a strong woman who can do it all. Its amazing to me just how strong you have become, since we were all faced with the trial that has been presented to our family-longing for our beloved daddy and husband. Thank you for being my rock, example, my best girl-friend!

I wish more than anything to have my dad read this. . . but I know that he hears my thoughts and knows my heart. To you I say thank you for being the kind of dad that taught his girls how to become strong individuals, but how to love unconditionally. There never was a dad who loved his girls more than my daddy. You are truly an amazing individual. You fought so hard-for so long. You beat the disease time and time again. You taught me through this experience that no matter what life gives you, you take it and smile-smile all day long and never look back. I saw my daddy grow spiritually the past three years, more so than the previous. He showed me what really matters in life-family and love for one another. It will be nine months this month. Wow it seems like eternity since I hugged you and heard you call me "precious kid". I can't wait for eternity!! For now, thank you for being my guardian angel and keeping me looking up to heaven. Hugs and Kisses

The bond between sisters is unbreakable. Thank you Nic for always keeping my feet in the ground and for seeing things in a different light. I thank you for always being someone who truly cares and shows concern for me. I hate the distance miles between us. But I know that we are bonded together by other means of love. Thank you for being the best big sister I could have ever asked for. You are such a support to me and have always had my back. I look up to you more than you would ever know. Its amazing how much we are alike, yet so different. Truly we were meant to be twins! Your such a genuine example to me-keep it up-I'm watching. :)
Love you sis!! Simply put-Thanks!

To my other family who have taken me in as one of their own daughters, not just a daughter-in-law. Thank you for being such a great supporting factor in mine and Jesse's lives. I appreciate your love! I couldn't have asked for a better family to be married into. Thank you for raising Jess to be the strong individual that he is. He is definitely one of a kind. I am truly thankful for him and the royal way that he treats me. I know that he has learned how to be a great husband from watching his dad and I appreciate all that you both have done to teach him how to be a gentleman. He is truly my greatest gift. Thank you for everything and for allowing me to be apart of your family.

Thank you to many, many more who have influenced me in my life.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Dead Bride-Witches-Clowns & Pirates ... Happy Halloween!!

For school today I was a Dead Bride. The students were absolutely taken by my beauty. Some said I should dress like this everyday!!
What sweet and loving children. . . ha ha
Always a Bridesmaid never a Bride.
This is my WONDERFUL-TERRIFIC & AMAZING Mentor Teacher Ms. Paluso (yeah-the one in the clown suit ... he he ha ha)
We both look like we have had it (this was taken toward the end of the day-whew!!)
It was a fun and exciting day. The students were buzzing with a lot of excitement and spunk!!
After the costume parade-the room moms had karaoke and treats for the kids.
Boy, they thought the karaoke was the coolest!! They performed and danced the whole time and put on quite the show. I sure enjoyed the day with them!!
I absolutely love working with kids and look forward to these days when I get to see their personalities a little more!!
Jacquie and I at the costume parade(we go to school together).
She was a darling witch-I sure have enjoyed getting to know her better this year!!
I look like I have my eyes closed, but they really are open - must be a dead thing.

Pirates R we!! What a cute pair!!

We went to our wards Truck-or-Treat tonight and many of the little ghosts, goblins, and ghouls were not about to come and get treats from us. . . mostly do the the fact that Jess was saying ARRRRRRRRRRRRRR too much and scaring them away!!

He's kinda a little ghoul himself!!

We have made it a tradition every year to dress up for Halloween. The two previous years we were hillbillies and then hippies. Jess is sure a good sport (he let me put eyeliner on him)

I am so blessed to have him in my life. My life would not be complete without him - Thanks for being my first (and only) mate-get it ... mate ... little pirate humor! Wink-Wink

ARRRRR Love You!

Two lil' Angels ... Taryn & Aryana

Tayrn Jackson-born on October 24, 2008
Nicole & Vaughn's lil' Angel
Aryana Jo Cahoon-born October 27, 2008
Helana & Brett's lil' Angel
(sis and bro-in-law)
Jesse and I are so excited to finally get-not one BUT two little nieces!! (we had all nephews)
We were so excited to hear the news of two girls coming to our families, and now they are here in the same month!!
We absolutely love them!! Congrats to our sisters and their families-we love you!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Boys and their TOYS!

Here is out latest purchase! A RED Jeep!
Jess has had his eye on one for a long time and well would you believe that his life-long dream of becoming a Jeep owner has come true. (Must just be a Jeep thing) Anyway we are excited to have yet another toy to play around in or just another yard decoration. . . . our yard is becoming a car lot!! HONK-HONK BEEP - BEEP or just VROOM-VROOM in this case!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Latest New Do. . . . What am I Thinking?!?!?

During the summer months I decided to cut my hair shorter-ya know just a slight trim-few inches. Well the as you can see from the pictures above I cut a little more than just a few-try 13 inches!! Not what I was picturing when I walked in the salon-drastic change-but I love it.
I thought that I would begin to grow it out again, but after a couple months I needed a trim. . . well guess what happened. . . . .

I cut it SHORTER!!! I was freakin' out!! But too late-can't glue the old hair on anyway. . . . besides where it was already short why not play around with it and have a new do each week. The rate I'm going I might have inch-high spiked hair next month. . . . stay tuned. . . . .
Overall I love it-still trying to get use to using less shampoo & conditioner and having the breeze rush over the back of my neck, but I can live with it. Hopefully Jess can. . . he has been a pretty good sport about letting me cut it-although he loved my long hair. Well here is the new me, whatta think??

Friday, October 17, 2008


I have never laughed so hard. . . . we are beautiful people, huh!? Seriously some of these hair styles actually look decent-although I do have to admit I definately had huge bangs and hair growing up. What was I thinking!
Jesse is such a stud!! WOW what a Hottie! The feathered hair just melts my heart! Ha Ha
Hope you enjoy-we sure have!!

Eliza this one's for YOU!

OK, OK, I know-I am awful at keeping up to date.
Well, after a promise to Eliza to do something with my blog,
I gave in and will do my best to post once a week.
This picture shows our cute little family during the fall last year.
Trigger (our kid) was just a puppy in this picture.
He has since gone to doggy heaven, I have chopped my hair,
and Jess-well he is just dang cute!! Love ya babe!
So . . . I vow to do my best and become apart of the crazy
blogger mania!

Thursday, January 24, 2008


Here we are at Brian Head Snowboarding.
It was a beautiful day!! No wind, no cold,
just me and my sweetheart enjoying the slops!