Saturday, October 22, 2011

Today is the Day!!

The SMILE said it ALL...he knew the good news...before we did!
This was the first sight we saw this morning...see anything different...LESS BLING!!

The NEW ROOM!! 3rd Floor!

Sleepy Boy!

These two pics about are just after Tritton had his first...real bath!!
He didn't quite know what to make of it.. :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011 (Post Surgery-Day 14)
When Jess and I arrived we really didn't have too much hope of leaving the CICU today. But when we saw Tritt's smile we knew it was going to be a good day no matter what. We also discovered that they had taken off his chest tubes (since he DID "drain dry" the night before), art lines and pick lines. We were thrilled!! That had to be good news. They did leave in the monitor on his foot for his oxygen, feeding tube, blood pressure monitor and heart rate monitor. But hey, we can live with that!

We had been there about 30 minutes when the head attending came said that today was the day we were heading up to the 3rd FLOOR!!! WHAT!! I couldn't believe it. :)
It took a while-in fact, most of the morning to get all the paper work and Tritt ready. Around 12:30 we were heading up to the 3rd floor.
I, of course, was very emotional and tears came at will as we strolled up the our new room. But there were happy tears of joy and relief to finally be moving on. We have seen so many come and go, that it has been hard thinking when would it be our turn. Oh! What a blessed day!

We arrived in our new room, meet the nurse, and got settled in. We were told that we could stay with him overnight now if we desired. We were excited to hear this!! We spent the day enjoying the privacy of our room and loving on our little boy. We had hoped to spend the night there, but having to clean your own room and do some laundry at the Ronald McDonald House, we decided we would stay one more night there and get it cleaned up then "move in" with Tritt in his room. It had a bathroom/shower and make shift bed/couch. It was not luxury, but it meant being with our little one 24/7!

We spent the rest of the day meeting new the various nurses/doctors to make a game plan as to where to go from here. Tritt also had his hearing test. Since we couldn't have it done as a newborn, they went ahead and did it today. He passed with flying colors! But they suggested that once we get home and off all medications to go have it done again..since some medications can cause hearing loss. We will cross that bridge when we get there.

Dad helped bathe Tritt and he loved it! Dad did..but Tritt was not quite sure of it all...but he made some cute faces!!
We also were on a feeding schedule..every 6 hours (every other feeding) we would feed him with a bottle..or at least try and get as much as we could in him...then use his feeding tube for the rest. We are only allowed to try and get 20ml for now. He is still trying to figure out how to suck and swallow.

The 3rd Floor is what I call a "half-way-house" for parents...we are learning how to take care of Tritt in all aspects. Feedings, bathing, giving him his medicines, etc. So when it comes time for us to go home we will have an idea as to what to do. It is a little daunting to give him his meds through his feeding tube. Jess just takes over..but I guess I better get the hang of it since I be taking care of him throughout the day when we get home.

Overall, today was a very eventful and exciting, YET exhausting day! But we are so glad to be where we are and making progress!!