Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fruits of my Labors - During Spring Break?!?

Yeah. . . What an idea! I thought I could just take a couple of days out of my spring break (since Jess and I are not going on our cruise until after school breaks for summer) and redecorate my bathrooms. Well instead of two days as planned. . . . it has come to a total of four!! YIKES!
I decided to paint the hall bath chocolate brown and turquoise! Love these colors, but was a little nervous AFTER I had purchased the paint-no turning back now!!
I even got some giggles from Jess and my sister-they thought it looked like I was opening up a Mexican Cantina in my bathroom. I just need a sign to says
"B.Y.O.T Bring Your Own Toilet Paper!!"
But in the end everything came together in a fun way.

Here is our bathroom. I took the colors we had in our bedroom and just continued them into the bathroom. Nothing too intimidating!

I gotta tell ya this was not what I had planned for my break! OH WELL its done!!
Oh and I have to give a plug for the wonderful invention of a SHARK Steam Cleaner!! I purchased one the other day and love it!! If you ever need to deep clean (or are a clean freak like me and hate using those nasty chemicals all the time) this cleaner does wonders and its just cool water that is generated into steam! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
You know when you are getting older... when painting/redecorating and cleaning machines excites you!!