Monday, May 17, 2010

The Decision Is. . . .

We took the $$$$!!!
They were going to limit us to 12,000 miles in the year we had the car (1000 per month)
And any additional mile over was .22 cents.
So, since I have a little commute to St.G everyday and back, plus we travel a lot, it was more logical for us to take the money.

Which leaves me to car hunting. . . again! We have been looking for a car for the past 6 months and this extra $$ dough will be an extra incentive to get really serious!!

Maybe my next blog will be pictures of my new-NEW Car!!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Jesse and I have always said that we are "jinxed!" We NEVER win anything! But today our luck has changed. Here is the story. . .

Earlier this year, one of my student's amazing moms had nominated me for the radio stations (Planet 94.1) "Best Teacher on the Planet" award. I felt very honored to think that I would be nominated. I was then invited for a luncheon at Findlay Subaru to celebrate being nominated. The invitation said that all teachers who show up will win a prize. Of course I thought FINALLY I will win something!!

Jesse and I arrived, we ate, visited with other fabulous teachers and just enjoyed the time together. Finally they announced how they would proceed to give each teacher their "prize" and an opportunity to win a new car. I was tickled pink just to be there
& hey free lunch-can't beat that.

Planet 94.1, Chris and LaRae were there and they had a bunch of balloons in the car. Each teachers name was pulled out of a drawing and they got the chance to go and pick a balloon, pop it, and then the little paper inside would tell you what you had won. They had prizes such as:
30 -1 hour massages, two-nights stays in Mesquite, Tuachan tickets (which I really wanted), Ashley Furniture gift cards, etc. Pretty nice prizes if you ask me, I was thrilled!
Well, we had been waiting for a while and my name still had not been drawn and the car was still not claimed. Finally they call my name-yahoo!
Jesse had dared told me to say (when they asked what school I taught at and what grade level) "Oh, I don't teach, I just wanted a chance to win a car!") Ummm, so I did! That got a chuckle!
I opened up the drivers side door, picked up the balloon on the seat and got in. I was trying reach another balloon on the passenger floor, but quickly decided to take the one in my hand.
I got out, popped it open, and . . . . silence!
Still silence.
There I was bug-eyed, jaw dropped, and numb!
I couldn't believe it.
LaRae (the announcer) came over to see if I could read it or if I really had just won.
"We finally have a winner!" she said (Cheers)

I was still silent.

I finally looked over at Jess, who was about as shocked as I was, and then he let out a big yahoo!!
When I finally regained awareness, I had to talk on the radio and all that jazz!
It was really a once in a life time feeling! Numbness, amazement, loss of awareness, happiness, exhilaration, and panic all at once!

So this is the car that I won from The Planet 94.1 and Findlay Subaru!!

So here is the fine print. . .
I do only get to drive it for a year
The stickers have to stay in the windows
Tax/registration free
But we have to insure it for that year

OK, not so bad. We have actually been looking for a car and thought we would drive this for a year, sale my car, save up our $$, when the year is up then go buy me a new car!

Great idea, right?!?
(We thought so too, until. . . )

They offered us $1000 cash instead of the car.
After our "test drive" they then offered us $2000 dollars in cash.
(they said that where it is a new model they needed one to advertise-but the value of the car will decrease after I bring it back after a year and they lose profit-that is if I decide to take the option of the car for a year)

So we have until the Monday to come up with a decision.
Do I take the car, drive it for a year, save $$, return it, and then go buy me a new one?
Take the $2000 cash and go buy me a new car now?
(which we are leaning more toward the later- but still???)

May be a no brainer for some, but for me I am torn!!
Oh what to do??

I'll take any suggestions!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Fruits of my Labors - During Spring Break?!?

Yeah. . . What an idea! I thought I could just take a couple of days out of my spring break (since Jess and I are not going on our cruise until after school breaks for summer) and redecorate my bathrooms. Well instead of two days as planned. . . . it has come to a total of four!! YIKES!
I decided to paint the hall bath chocolate brown and turquoise! Love these colors, but was a little nervous AFTER I had purchased the paint-no turning back now!!
I even got some giggles from Jess and my sister-they thought it looked like I was opening up a Mexican Cantina in my bathroom. I just need a sign to says
"B.Y.O.T Bring Your Own Toilet Paper!!"
But in the end everything came together in a fun way.

Here is our bathroom. I took the colors we had in our bedroom and just continued them into the bathroom. Nothing too intimidating!

I gotta tell ya this was not what I had planned for my break! OH WELL its done!!
Oh and I have to give a plug for the wonderful invention of a SHARK Steam Cleaner!! I purchased one the other day and love it!! If you ever need to deep clean (or are a clean freak like me and hate using those nasty chemicals all the time) this cleaner does wonders and its just cool water that is generated into steam! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!!!
You know when you are getting older... when painting/redecorating and cleaning machines excites you!!