Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The whole crew. . . I have had the amazing opportunity to be with this terrific group for the past two years - (The AP RED Cohort) It has been a long and almost never-ending two years, but the sweat, blood, and tears have paid off-FINALLY!!
"Wannabe's"NO MORE!! Way to go all-We Made It!!

Anne, Eliza, Me, Mary-Elizabeth
Love you all-Thanks for being there for me!!

After our Senior Banquet-hugs all around
Thanks Jess for being my rock and supporting me!!
I love you Mom & (Dad) for all your prayers, support, and guidance throughout my life and for raising me to know the value of an education.
Thank you!!
Picture Time. . . . .

Mama'D & Papa'D
I couldn't help but add this picture. . . we were giggling at Jesse and the camera snapped. Just a cute moment!

Love ya Mom!!

The big moment. . . .

My last walk through Dixie's "D"
I'll always be a 'Rebel'

I did it. . . . . (great cheeser babe!!)

Oops! Camera was still rollin'. . . . .

Thanks to all for your love and support as I have ended another chapter in my life. Now a new chapter begins as I start out as a 4th grade teacher, yahoo! Someday I plan on getting my masters, but I need a little break for a minute before I go back. Maybe a family is in my near future - who knows. . . time will tell!!